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To give the users of PHPMyWebHosting we want to provide some online help. There is the directory called "help" which has the same structure as above: "help/$act/$what.php"

In your "help/$act/$what.php" you have to create the following code:

  1  <?php
  3  $he = new Smarty();
  5  $he->assign("HELP_HEADING",_YOUR_HELP_HEADING);
  6  $he->assign("HELP_TEXT",_YOUR_HELP_TEXT);
  8  $help = $he->fetch("help/$act/$what.tpl");
 10  ?>

you may assign more than these to variables and also use html code in your "help/$act/$what.tpl". But please add help for the users.

If no help file is found the following text is display: "No help available"