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Here is provided the documentation of this project divided in several parts.

What you will find here

This site will contain all information about usage and installation of PHPMyWebHosting, about contributions and other things.

Table of contents

  1. About PHPMyWebHosting
  2. For system administrators
    1. Changelog
    2. PHP safe_mode
    3. Installation instructions for Ubuntu 7.10 Server for >= 0.5.0
    4. Installation instructions for Debian Sarge for >= 0.5.0
    5. Installation instructions for FreeBSD 5.3 for >=0.5.0
    6. Installation instructions for Gentoo for >=0.5.0
  3. For PHPMyWebHosting users
  4. For contributors
    1. Howto
    2. Themes
    3. Translations
  5. For PHPMyWebHosting developers
    1. Database tables
    2. Central variables
    3. Structure
    4. Your files
    5. Your functions
    6. Template files
    7. Language
    8. Help files

There is an automatic installation script. This is a first release so it can be buggy. You only have to run For more information read included and ask the writer of this installation script. Do not ask questions about this script in the forum. It is untested yet.

You are welcome to write some information about PHPMyWebHosting which will be interesting for other people by editing this wiki.

What you will find elsewhere

Take a look at our Forum. Perhaps there is the answer to your question or if not you may ask your question there.