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This is a list what we want to integrate into PHPMyWebHosting. If there is anything you would like to see added please add it to the list.

Access management

  • Control the access to PHPMyWebHosting by groups (< 1.0.0) User:udomueller
    • Access to every menu option must be restrictable (< 1.0.0) User:udomueller
    • Also viewing, changing and deletion of entries must be restrictable (< 1.0.0) User:udomueller
  • Inheritance of rights: Customer can only grant rights he has (< 1.0.0) User:udomueller
    • Option to deny customer to grant rights nor create sub customers (< 1.0.0) User:udomueller

Group management

  • using groups to determine what a customer can do inside PHPMyWebHosting (< 1.0.0) User:udomueller
    • Turn off or on the message system per user, if globaly set to Y (< 1.0.0)
  • use groups to set custom options per group, such as:
    • /path/to/web
    • subdomains
    • email home directory
    • etc


  • Custom document root per domain name. (> 1.0.0)
  • Admin defines a standard directory layout (like: /var/www/[CUSTOMER]/[DOMAIN]/) User:udomueller
  • Apache 1.3 and 2.x support (determined at install) (> 1.0.0)
  • admin can define custom entries for virtualhost entry (< 1.0.0) User:chris
  • support for redirects (< 1.0.0)
  • <directory> commands support (< 1.0.0)
  • integrate .htaccess support (> 1.0.0)
  • possibility to define other apache hosts (> 1.0.0)
  • send graceful event to apache/apache2 when something is changed done by cron job


  • add configuration level to configuration options. Allows to show only the necessary configuration options User:udomueller

Customer Control Hierarchy

  • All: Account above can change anything below them, admin can control everything. (< 1.0.0)
  • One below: Account can change their own things and 1 step below in the hierarchy (< 1.0.0)
  • None: Account can only change their own things and 0 steps below in the hierarchy. (< 1.0.0)

Activate or deactivate in system option, if activated choosable either one system wide setting or per customer. (< 1.0.0)


  • Track customer by auto_increment id (< 1.0.0)
    • but login name is only allowed once!
  • Ability to change password User:udomueller
  • Add "not allowed usernames" (reserved names) as configuration option User:chris
  • Add send password button if customer has email address User:udomueller
  • Assigning a bunch of ip addresses to customer based on general options (< 1.0.0)

Detailed Options

  • Turn off or on the message system globally User:udomueller
  • Turn off or on the message system per user, if globaly set to Y -> moved to group management
  • An option to allow the group "admin" to control everything about all customers. (< 1.0.0) User:udomueller
  • Add confirmation question when deleting something (php function:confirmDelete) (< 1.0.0) User:udomueller
  • Turn off or On a delete confirmation User:udomueller
  • Add confirmation question when changing something (php function:confirmChange) (< 1.0.0) User:udomueller
  • Turn off or On a change confirmation User:udomueller



  • Add start and end date of domain registration and hosting User:udomueller
    • including automatic mail information to admin and customer (via cron and pmwh usage) (< 1.0.0)
  • include automatic discovery via whois information User:udomueller
  • Add possibility to add internationalized domain names (idn) with automatic translation into ascii and back User:udomueller
  • Domain document root points to other domain or is an alias User:Chris
  • Split view into basic and advanced tab: "Advanced" gets fields for changing DNS, MX records and webserver IP (based on creator settings) (< 1.0.0)
  • Add the domain to a specific IP address (< 1.0.0)


  • Ability to assign a customer to control a custom number of email addresses of a domain owned 1 step in the hierarchy upwards. More than one domain possible. (< 1.0.0)
  • Add "Change password" for email User:udomueller
  • Let the admin control the text which is sent in the welcome email after email creation User:udomueller
  • Possibility to define email forwards (like postmaster, webmaster, abuse...) which are automatically created when the first email address is created User:udomueller
  • Admin defines a standard homedir layout (like: /var/mail/[DOMAIN]/[USER]) User:chris

Postfix Restriction Class

  • Add an interface to enable/disable smtpd_restriction_class like policy-weight or greylist per domain (< 1.0.0)


  • Add an interface to SpamAssassin using a MySQL DB. (> 1.0.0) User:Tichansky
    • Global preferences option accessable in the options section (> 1.0.0) User:Tichansky
    • Per Domain preferences (these overwrite global) accessable for each domain in the respcetive section (> 1.0.0) User:Tichansky
    • Per User preferences (these overwrite both global and domain) accessable for each user email account (> 1.0.0) User:Tichansky



  • Create FTP accounts for existing domain User:udomueller
  • Create FTP accounts for subdomains of an existing domain name User:udomueller
  • add webftp module (activated in options) which connects ftp server through ftp protocol or sockets (< 1.0.0) Done via application links and external products

Garbage collection

recursive deletion of database entries:

  • delete a customer
    • delete session table entry
    • delete databases owned by customer
    • delete all customers created by customer
      • goto: delete a customer
    • delete all top level domains owned by customer
      • delete traffic table entries for top level domain
      • delete email adresses for top level domain
      • delete forward for top level domain
      • delete catchall for top level domain
      • delete all ftp-accounts created by customer
      • delete all subdomains for each top level domain
        • delete email adresses for subdomain
        • delete forward for subdomain
        • delete catchall for subdomain
    • delete ftp group
      • delete ftp quota
    • delete all groups created by customer
    • delete all packages created by customer User:udomueller

if deleting all from PHPMyWebHosting no garbage may stay back in the database. (< 1.0.0)


  • Add the possiblity to display a maintenance message and only allow admin login (> 1.0.0)
  • Add a "Lost password" link on the login page User:udomueller
  • Add the possibility to backup the database within PHPMyWebHosting User:udomueller
  • Add the possibility to restore the database within PHPMyWebHosting User:udomueller
  • Possibility to enable/disable automatic directory creation for domains User:udomueller
  • make pmwh multi ipaddress capable (< 1.0.0)
  • Quick links, A way to quickly make an email adress, or subdomain. (< 1.0.0)
  • integrate cronjobs enabled via packages (< 1.0.0)


  • "Create New" links at the top of the page (< 1.0.0)


  • For every menu option a short help must be available (< 1.0.0)


  • Write a good working installation routine which asks only the important parameters from the user (< 1.0.0)
  • Write the install so its fool proof ( ensure the user cannot continue without everything working ) (< 1.0.0)
  • Write a good updating routine to allow updating PHPMyWebHosting from older versions (> 1.0.0)




  • add path to PHPMyAdmin via options (< 1.0.0)


  • Automatic software and database installation for subdomains (> 1.0.0)
    • like shops, cms etc


  • Set custom subdomain document root, if right granted (< 1.0.0)
  • Allow unlimited levels of subdomains User:udomueller
  • automatically place a index.html in the new created subdomain, content configurable by admin User:chris
  • Give admin the option to define subdomains which are automatically created if "create standard subdomain" set to yes User:udomueller
  • Subdomain document root points to other subdomain or is an alias (< 1.0.0)

Basic Page for New Subdomain

  • Create new subdomain:
    • name: {textbox} .domain.tld
    • {radio button} Create a directory for this subdomain and point to directory: {text field.value=subdomain)
    • {radio button} Point this subdomain to a different directory {drop down box} (has {default html documents} selected by default, with option to choose a different one}


  • Add quota support for email (< 1.0.0)
  • Add quota support for webspace root domain directory User:udomueller
  • If a customers creates a new customer, the traffic, domains etc the new customers gets decrements the creators traffic, domains etc (< 1.0.0) User:udomueller