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Sorry for the fact that we are starting with the changelog with version 0.4.0, but before there was no time to do it

0.5.0 (next release)

  • added fully support for DNS by PowerDNS
  • added fully support for DNS by MyDNS
  • added quota for webspace (via proftpd)
  • translations with use of gettext are i18n (*.mo/*.po) files now
  • unlimited levels of subdomains possible
  • Admin can define subdomains, which are automatically created
  • Admin can define email addresses, which are automatically created with the first email address (as forward)
  • added internal message system
  • added "forgot password" link
  • rearranged options section
  • automatic discovery of whois information for domains
  • added session management with cookies or sessions, configurable in options
  • Theme pmwh2 added (theme in blue/purple and white)
  • Theme pmwh3 added (theme in light grey and white)
  • directory structure changed. This makes it easier to add own contributions
  • Menu is mysql-based now
  • additional menu entries:
    • Traffic (with scripts for Apache, Proftpd and Postfix)
    • Sessions: gives an overview who is logged in. Admin can see all, User may only see the users he created.
  • SQL Injection in 0.3.4: Resolved in this version. All database input is filtered now

0.4.1 (never available)

  • Submit button added in templates/pmwh/modules/admin/themes.tpl

0.4.0 (never available)

  • full smarty integration: Smarty is now used to display html content. It is fast and easy to use.
  • language database table added: Selection of languages now databased
  • changed permissions in includes/classes/apache.php when creating directories
  • integrated theme changing via browser
  • configuration options updated: in table pmwh added: template
  • italian language added