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Many people own a root-server and want to use it with multiple domain hosting for email, webserver and a MySQL-database.

Most of them use the console and their favorite editor. No one needs more!

But: If you want to lease parts of your server (e.g. webspace service provider, email service provider), the more complex becomes the setup. Furthermore you want to provide your customers the possibility to manage their domains, email addresses and ftp accounts on their own.

For this possibility you have to give your customers more rights on the server than they need.

Looking around you will see, that there are many programs and interfaces (like Confixx, HSPcomplete, Plesk and PD-Admin), that can handle this complexity. But they cost a lot of money and you have to do many changes to get them running. Sometimes, they need root rights to run and this is a security risk.

So, PHPMyWebHosting is the solution: You get it for free and decide for yourself, how deep you let it dig in your system setup.

The first purpose of this project is to be very secure in future. We try not to use any root rights. If integration of apache2 is complete (with release of Sarge) no root access is used in this project.

And the access to the database and the filesystem will be restricted to special users which only have as many rights as they need.